Customer Testimonials

Working with Hayley has allowed me to grow my business so much faster. Prior to starting with her, doing my own start up was becoming incredibly overwhelming. “How do I grow my business, am I going to be able to make ends meet, how am I going to handle all this?” – I was panicked. I was so happy when she contacted me to work together, it was exactly what I was wishing for. She gave me the confidence of having a plan, helping me define my brand, finding my niche, and then how to execute on marketing. She was a god send, and multiple times she was able to come in like Wonder Woman and rescue me on a moments notice. Now days – I’ve got more clients than I can even handle, with more asking every week. Thank you Hayley for helping me achieve my dream.

Matt Daniels, Str1ve Fitness Studio

The Marketing on Purpose Boot Camp is a game changer. Not only do I have the theory and tools to successfully market my business, I also have a clear action plan and a MAP on how to move forward in ANY marketing platform I use. Before you can successfully market to your customers, you NEED the foundational knowledge and this bootcamp does that. Hayley helps you move your business forward. She helped me peel back my layers to discover my Purpose and my WHY. She helped me discover my seed to grow.

Amanda Hanson, SimplySTYLISH

I had to jump on and share a little something with all of you. Right now, I’m working on branding for my new Whitly Jane page. It’s something I know I should have started sooner but life happens: fears, challenges, excuses, etc

This morning, I came across a folder on my computer from when I was in the marketing bootcamp with Hayley! It was everything I did and learned from her and to my surprise much of it pertains to what I’m doing now!

More importantly, I realized how much her bootcamp truly helped!! Her deep dive, simple approach will help you answer the questions you’ve been missing and really help you get your business up and growing the way it should be. On top of that, Hayley is an incredible friend and supporter throughout it all! Her passion shows and I’ve never regretted working with her.

So guys, if you’re totally ready to have a rocking 2019 in business, then leave the fears, challenges and excuses behind and invest in Hayley’s bootcamp and invest in YOU! You’re worth it. 

Whitly Jane, SCIPLE Network

And a few more…

Strategic Marketing Bootcamp is giving me the confidence to take my coaching business to the next level. I was making the mistake of playing “Let’s throw crap at the wall and let’s see what sticks” game….Hayley has given me the confidence to create content and messaging that appeals to my target audience and given me the tools to create my own marketing plan. I highly recommend this bootcamp as every business needs a solid foundation to grow from.

Kelly Carrigan, EmpowerMe Coaching

I’ve learned so much from Hayley already and I’m just getting started. She knows her stuff !! Appreciate all the time you put into helping us create a business that matters more. 😘

Michelle Burke, Zumba with Michelle Burke

Your support, accountability and knowledge throughout this process of my biz start up has been above and beyond! Thank you so much Hayley!

Sachelle Fidler, Munchkins and Mamas

I have ended the year with Hayley Bohan and boy she does help with ideas and makes you think. I am fortunate to have worked with her and look forward to planning my 2019 with her tricks and knowledge that I have learned. She is a good resource and helps see things you may not see with your business. She is a breathe of fresh air to get you started!! ♥️🙏💪

Maria Jimenez, The Believe Specialty Shop

Hayley has been an incredible help to our team at Catapult Coffee & Studio. She has helped us see marketing in a new light and get excited about it! Her generosity, passion and authenticity have helped pave the way for the message we hope to convey in everything we do. Her material is approachable and her assignments substantial. Really got us thinking and working! We are so grateful for Marketing On Purpose.

Mariam,  Catapult Coffee & Studio

Three weeks ago you could’ve asked me why I do what I do for a business. And my response would have been, “To make money”
It’s been three weeks of taking the Marketing on Purpose bootcamp. (which is SUPER flexible and convenient btw) And I’ll tell you what. I have found my purpose. I have found my calling. I have found the reason WHY I do what I do and I’ll tell you what again, it isn’t for money.
Three weeks and my mind, my motive, my reason has completely changed for the better.
I have 9 weeks left of the course and I could not be more motivated.
Hayley will help you discover yourself through your business and dig deep into the reasons “why” you’re on this endeavour. I urge you if you’re on the entrepreneurial path to reach out.
It makes the world of difference. Thank you so much Hayley for the past three weeks and those that are yet to come!

Kaitlin Ritchie, K8 Creative

Mini Boot Camp feedback!!!

I had the pleasure to take Hayley’s Mini Boot Camp and it has been the best thing I have done for my business.

– Very Easy to navigate through
– Do your homework and obtain lots of information on who your ideal customer is.
– I thought I knew who that ideal customer was but I was only partially right. So when Hayley says find out who your ideal customer is, she is absolutely correct or you will just keep throwing s”@&$ against the wall.
– I had lots of ideas but wasn’t sure if I should put so much time and effort into things that may not work. This program and working with Haley one on one really helped me put those ideas into the right perspective.
– sometimes it is good to be able to brain storm with someone who has been doing this for many years.

I cannot thank you enough Hayley and recommend this program to anyone who wants to progress in their business.

Sandra Hanson, DoTerra Wellness Advocate