Network like a Pro

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a networking event full of local women entrepreneurs.  To be honest, I was only sort of looking forward to it.  And the sort of part came from the fact that there were a few ladies I already knew that would be attending. In the past, I avoided networking events if at all possible. But since becoming a business owner, I’ve found them so great for meeting new potential partners, collaborators, friends and yes, clients.

What bothers me the most about networking is that it feels so forced. I prefer in-depth conversations to small talk. I’ve actually been to events that when the networking break came, I found a quiet corner where I could check emails and voicemails. Not that I had anything so urgent that I had to run off, but because I didn’t want the awkwardness associated with talking to people I didn’t already know. But, I forced myself to change and to embrace networking events as the opportunities for growth and connections that they are.

While I was at this particular event, I met Terri-Ann Richards. Terri-Ann is an author, mindset coach for business owners and the founder of Ladies of Influence. She is also the  one who spearheaded this networking event.  As I was thanking her for doing so and for creating opportunities for sharing that didn’t seem so forced and awkward, she shared a few tips with me about how become a better networker.

She said, you really can only meet three people if you want to have an impact and be remembered. This was music to my ears! For years of attending these types of events, I always thought I was doing it wrong. I usually get so enthralled in one-on-one conversations with people that I don’t actually do much networking, or so I thought. This little tidbit and the others she gave during our encounter, made me want to learn more and to share her wisdom with others. So I invited Terri-Ann to participate in my online show Marketing Tip Monday so more of us could get better at and actually start enjoying networking events more.

In this video, get all of Terri-Ann’s amazing tips. And may your next networking opportunity be met with optimism, intent and only a few new friends.

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