Join this yearlong program designed specifically for small business owners to help you market your business more strategically, more easily, and with better results than ever before.

This highly interactive online training and group coaching program will help you gain more consistency and predictability so you can take your business to the next level, where it deserves to be.


when you join the Marketing On Purpose Academy!

You’ll gain exclusive access to our online portal where you'll enjoy 100+ straight-to-the-point training videos to keep you moving forward.
You’ll learn who your ideal customers are, how to reach them, create deeper connections and trigger more buying and brand loyalty.
You’ll receive access to amazing minds in their field with training from Hayley and her team of digital and mindset coaches.
You’ll create a brand-worth-loving and strategic marketing plan to guide your efforts moving forward.
You’ll stay on track with an accountability coach who will keep you moving towards your goals.
You’ll be part of a highly motivated group of local business owners supporting each other through the strategic marketing process and other growing pains.
You’ll have access to one weekly Q&A session that gives you one-on-one time with our experts to cover any marketing-related topics so you’ll never feel stuck.
You’ll attend monthly two-hour interactive training sessions that allow you to take action immediately and leave with a sense of accomplishment. No more procrastinating.

Change the way you market your small business forever!

(psst… stop guessing and start growing)

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Hey there, fellow biz owner!

Do you want your marketing to shine so you can achieve more growth & stability in your business? If that’s a big “Hell yeah!” then you, my friend, are in the right place.

I’ve been marketing for over two decades, working on national, international, and regional brands. Over the last nine years, I’ve been completely dedicated to small businesses and have worked with over 100 business owners across an array of industries, taking big business strategies and tailoring them to suit local business needs with great success.

As a business owner myself, I get that it’s hard to fit it all in, so spending time marketing with no strategy or using half-baked strategies that aren’t tailored to you is not doing you or your business any favours. It’s time to get your marketing foundation right, become a more strategic marketer, and then tailor implementation best practices to your business and your customers. It’s the best way to see results.

If you do the work in this program, you can take your business to new levels of success. And I cannot wait to have a front-row seat when you do.

Hayley xo


You are ready to be more strategic to get what you want. You want the guidance and know-how to create a brand that stands out and earns you raving fans, and a smart marketing plan to take your business to the next level.
You need ongoing guidance that evolves as your business grows, and you want it from someone who knows what she’s doing.
You know action-takers get results, but only with the right actions! You are done spinning your wheels, second-guessing, and wasting time, and are ready to learn to be more effective with your marketing efforts and resources.
You understand that you must get your marketing on track to reach new heights and gain momentum. And you know it will be much easier and faster with a senior-level, experienced marketer in your back pocket.
Even though you know you need to be consistent with your marketing efforts, you aren’t. You are more than ready to be held to task so you can finally grow your business to the levels you dream of.


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This is for you if...


You own or run a business, and are doing most of your own marketing, or have a small team helping you.


You’ve already made sales, acquired customers, and have seen some success. But you know your business has much more potential and you are soooo ready to claim it.


You are willing to put in the work to get your strategies and messaging right. (Know that, if you want, you can have someone else take over execution later.)


You have tried it on your own already, and you are so sick and tired of guessing, over-analyzing, and throwing darts.


You want someone who actually cares and has real experience & proven results to guide you to the next amazing chapter for your business.


You are ready to learn, make tough and strategic decisions, and take action to get you closer to your goals. You are ready for a change!

Let's take your marketing to the next level!